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Ways of engaging

Day Rate

If your project is currently not well scoped and a lot of work is needed to get into a place with clear milestones and deliverables, then engaging my services by the day is most suitable.  The project can be split into phases with end of phase milestones to be achieved and a break clause in the contract at the end of each phase.

Fixed Price

If you have a small piece of work, for example a process with a clear outcome, e.g. a business plan that needs to be drawn together or a funding submission to be co-ordinated, it could be possible for me to deliver this on a fixed price basis.

Please get in touch to discuss a project-specific tailored option.


Milestone plan workshopped and written to break down a complex delivery into tasks.


Weekly calls and email chasing of multiple project resources to keep a project moving.


Excel / Googlesheets tracking spreadsheets set up to capture work with high volume of data e.g. upgrades across multiple customers.


Business plans, project proposals and grant applications written, co-ordinated and submitted.

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